Executive Management Statement

Statement by the Executive Management on the current situation in Ukraine.

We are aware of the current military conflict in Ukraine, keep an eye on the situation and do not support the decisions of the Russian government in any way. We are against the war in Ukraine and for peace between all peoples.

Furthermore, we understand that current developments have a major impact on our business. The current events in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia leave us in shock — mixed feelings of anger, embarrassment, and bewilderment are currently our daily companions.

In particular, bewilderment at how quickly something can be destroyed that we are trying to build together, step by step. How decisions are made in one night for people who are not responsible for them. Decisions that will have repercussions for years and rob people of the chance to work together in the future. And in the current events, we want to stand by all the people who do not want this war and who cannot do anything about the decisions around this war — all Ukrainians and Russians. We are for peace between these Eastern European nations. We feel for those affected and wish only peace for all people.

For this reason, we distance ourselves from all already decided cooperation with Russian economic and public institutions that support the Russian government and its current actions in Ukraine. CEQTOR is a company that stands for joint innovations and sustainable projects and does not support actions that are contrary to international law.

For us, the well-being of people comes before a successful business.