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Dimitri Orlow

Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder of CEQTOR

Dimitri is Managing Partner & Co-Founder of CEQTOR.
In his role as CEO, he is responsible for strategy, partnership building and customer acquisition.

Vasili Schewelow

Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Co-Founder of CEQTOR

Vasili is Managing Partner & Co-Founder of CEQTOR.
In his role as COO, he is responsible for operations, project management and innovation.

Suleman Eid_CEQTOR
Suleman Eid

Chief Financial Officer

Suleman is Chief Financial Officer of CEQTOR.
In his role as CFO, he is responsible for corporate financial strategy, tax and financial project operations.

Anton Orlow

Research & Editor Associate

Anton is a Research and Editor Associate at CEQTOR.
His responsibilities include analysis, market research, and he is also Editor in Chief of CEQTOR Beyond, our newsletter.

Maximilian Lauer

PR & Communications Associate

Max is PR & Communications Associate at CEQTOR.
He takes care of building relationships with the public and is responsible for communication with the public sector.